What is the most important financial question you could ever ask?


What is the most important financial question you could ever ask?
For grins, I put that question into the all-knowing and all-seeing Google search bar to see what I could find. What came up was 1,330,000,000 results, all in under 1 second. What was most interesting to me was there was not an actual answer anywhere on the first page.

I look at this to say we are all different. The question that is important to you might not be the same as what is important to me.
In our practice though, we have found that most people who come in to talk about retirement do ask the same question almost each and every time. It might be different words they use but it’s the same question nonetheless.

Some might say, “Do I have enough to retire?” Another might ask, “Will my money last in retirement?” While another might pose it like this, “Will I be eating rice and beans?”

They all want to know the same thing; “Will I Be Ok?”

Having a financial plan is a great way to answer that question. The ability to analyze all of your assets and liabilities. Discovering ways for you to save more and cut back. Providing a road map for you to implement. These are all important things that need to be considered to honestly answer the question.

In our practice, we focus on asking some questions of our own. The first one we ask is one that allows the prospective client to look at their wants and their needs. It’s very simplistic which they all seem to appreciate.

Here it is, “How much is enough?”

That’s it, the first thing we ask. This helps to establish a baseline for us to understand what is important to them.

Now the second question we ask is a really fun one and, in my opinion, even more important. Once they can answer the “how much is enough" question we ask, “then what do you want to do with the rest?”

I love watching the wheels turn as they think about all the good they can do when being generous in their giving. Most people love to give, they just don’t know that they can.

Having a financial plan can provide the peace of mind you need to know that you can make it in retirement AND still be able to support those causes that you love.

If you want to find out more about how this all works, we would love the opportunity to help.

What questions do you have about your finances? Let me know in the comments or send us a message. We might even write about it in an upcoming post.

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