How Great is Your God, Christian Investor?

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How Great is Your God, Christian Investor?




This question is the final line from a recent article I read in Biblical Leadership written by Robert Netzly of Inspire Investing. This article delves into the profound question of how one's life can serve as a radiant beacon, declaring the greatness of God in a world filled with competing priorities and distractions.

Here are some great take-a-ways for us all to consider.

·         It’s important to exalt God above all else, because true greatness is measured in relation to Him.

·         Jesus declared in Matthew 6:24, that it is impossible to serve both God and money.

·         God has supremacy over material possessions.

·         Choosing God over financial gain is a powerful prophetic act that can draw others towards recognizing God's greatness.

·         Financial choices should prioritize godly values over profits.

He goes on to acknowledge the strong grip that money has on people's affections, making stories of individuals forsaking their wealth for a higher purpose even more remarkable.

I really love how he ended the article asking these six questions:

How Great is your God?

Is he greater than financial returns?

Is he greater than low fees?

Is he greater than the hassle of switching investment firms or changing financial advisors?

Is he greater than your favorite mutual fund?

What sacrifices or changes or hassles or inconveniences are you willing to go through to invest in such a way that intentionally glorifies God? 

My answer to all those questions: YES, God is greater!

Go, honor Him today with all He allows you to have.

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